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One of the most common criminal charges in the State of Florida include assault and battery. While often referred to as “Assault and Battery”, these are actually separate criminal offenses.

Assault occurs when an action or a threat places someone in imminent fear of a non-consensual touching. Assault does not involve physical contact. Defense of assault charges sometimes include self-defense, defense of others, and defense of property.

Battery occurs when an individual performs an intentional act of harmful or offensive touching of someone without permission. The contact may be of an aggressive manor, sexual action, or any other unwanted touching of another. Accidental contact, no matter how severe, is not considered battery. To be charged with battery, the person who was physically harmed does not have to require medical treatment.

Assault and battery crimes often occur as a result of the escalation of a disagreement between two or more individuals, in domestic disputes, or crimes of opportunity such as theft, robbery, or confrontations relating to other criminal activity.

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Depending upon the nature of the assault or battery, and other special circumstances the charges may be considered violent crimes, which may subject to the “Three Strikes Law” which was adopted by the State of Florida in 1996. The “Three Strikes Law” significantly increases the prison sentences of persons convicted of felonies who have been previously convicted of a violent crime or serious felony, and limits the ability of these offenders to receive a punishment other than a prison sentence.

There are also varying degrees of assault and battery crimes based on the circumstances and the severity of injuries which are caused. For example, weapons can elevate the severity of the offense to aggravated assault or battery.

When law enforcement investigates allegations of assault and/or battery, many times the eyewitnesses may not have seen beginning of the event in question, and report what they observed, and who they perceived as the aggressor.

These witnesses are occasionally the reason for mistakenly arresting the wrong person. This often leads to individuals who was defending their self or protecting another being arrested on charges of assault and battery.

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