Post Judgment Modification of Family Law Court Orders

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When a marriage ends in divorce there are many issues which must be either amicably negotiated and agreed upon or require rulings by a family court judge. If children are involved, there are additional child related issues which must be decided before the divorce is final.

These child related issues may also find their way into family court for unmarried couples who are no longer together, or those who had a child together who have never entered into a serious relationship.

If after a divorce or other family law court hearing which a ruling has been issued in as a court order, if the circumstances of either party affected by the standing family law court order has significantly changed, either party may petition the court for a Post Judgment Modification.

Common Family Law Post Judgment Modification requests include a:

  • Child Custody Modification;
  • Child Visitation Modification;
  • Child Support Modification;
  • Spousal Support / Alimony Modification.

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The party who is seeking the modification must show the court that there has been:

  • A significant change in circumstances such as: the financial standing of either party, or the individual receiving spousal support getting remarried;
  • The change of circumstances was not contemplated by the parties at the time of the final judgment of dissolution;
  • The change is sufficient, material, involuntary, and permanent in nature.
  • That a modification request involving children is in the best interest of the child, or children.

When a parent who has primary custody of the children, and chooses to relocate 50 miles or greater from their current address, a petition for a post judgment modification may also necessary.

Having a standing family law court order modified is not a given. The amount of monetary increase in a child support or spousal support modification may also not be granted at the increase or decrease expectations of the petitioner. Just as in the original court hearing, there are guideline that the court will utilize to not only determine if a modification to the standing court order is necessary, but what increase or decrease of monies is allowable, fair, and reasonable depending upon the change in circumstances.

Family law modification cases can be very complex and require the experience and voice of reason of professional legal counsel.

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